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Holly Broman, the Creative Principal of PPV, is a Creative Director, Production Designer, web and graphic designer, photographer, artist, published author, healing energy facilitator, minister, and visionary. In any of these modalities, Holly likes to get into the middle of it - to go to the depths and see from a different perspective... To see all of the pieces, suss through, and create the big-picture product.


PPV design brings together many different areas of marketing, hones in on what your objective is, and creates what it is you are uniquely are looking for. Photography brings forth this perspective of depth and beauty. Artwork brings the unseen worlds to light in a rare ability to find and capture them in the world around us. With this vision Holly works with many modalities and energies to help heal, and to counsel you through the tough times... or towards achieving your goals.

With the natural sight for connection, and vision for both the broad picture and smaller details, PhynxPhyr brings together unique strengths to guide individuals, unveil the mystical in this world, and bring together projects large and small. 



Holly Broman is a Production Designer, Creative Director, Art Director, Wardrobe Head, and occasional Actor. Having been behind and in front of the camera on several projects, she incorporates the tools from various previous professions, organizational skills, illuminates the big-picture view, and brings out the "voice" of the film. Many projects have been in and won awards at various film festivals. Ballet Hawaii's "The Nutcracker: A Gift to the Community" was Emmy® award-nominated for the 2020 year production. 

After joining the Hawaii Filmmakers Collective in 2019, Holly met and collaborated with even more amazing local filmmakers. HFC being a wonderful resource to connect with cast, crew, writers, directors, producers, and every facet of filmmaking, they have workshops and "challenges" throughout the year. In one of these 48-hour challenges, Holly collaborated with her talented brother to produce Human in Captivity (enjoy the super-short below). 

Even though the pandemic has put a kibosh on many productions, Holly continues to work on film projects and support as she is able... and has a few more things up her sleeve. 

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