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PhynxPhyr Visions

Image by Philipp Pilz

About PPV

PhynxPhyr Visions offers a wide spectrum of services including: creative director services, production design, website design, design direction, graphic design, healing sessions, spiritual/life counsel, artwork, and photography.

Image by Ian Parker

PhynxPhyr loves the mediums of film, art, and photography. Our projects capture the beauty and depth of our natural environment, meaningful custom art pieces, and creating awareness through stories and film. 

Film & Art

Healing & Counsel

At PhynxPhyr, we are dedicated to helping you reclaim your sovereignty and reconnect with your inner power. Our services provide you with the tools and guidance you need to create lasting transformation. Our mission is to empower you on your journey of self-discovery and healing. 

PhynxPhyr offers comprehensive web and design services, from website design and web content to graphic design, logo design, and design project consultation. 

Web & Design

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